About Side One



Having a live band is a must if you want your party to bring the house down. But it needs to be the right live band. We know that when you think of a 'wedding band' all sorts of terrible and tragic images come to mind, of aging men in ruffled tuxedo shirts playing things like "YMCA", "The Macarena", and "Mustang Sally".

Side One was founded when a musician and an event planner came together to create a dream-come-true for clients and musicians alike: A seriously rocking, jaw droppingly talented band that can play everything from Sinatra to Macklemore and everything in between. But a band that would never, ever, EVER touch the chicken dance with a 10 foot pole. And to top it all off, it's at a price that won't make you gag either.

We won't
rail you...

... with the same words everyone else uses, like "dynamic", "energetic", and "engaging" - though all would apply. The point is simply that SideOne is made up of extremely talented and experienced musicians, and our sets are crafted for the sole purpose of packing a dance floor, while avoiding entirely the typical cover band "cheese".

With a repertoire covering everything from Aretha to Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Pitbull, and Queen, and literally everything in between, SideOne will customize the set to appeal to your guests. And at no point will there be any YMCA-ing. We promise.