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How long do you play for?

The booking includes 3 hours of music within a 4 hour 'call time'.

Generally bands will play one hour sets, or maybe even 1:15, however we have found the perfect flow in doing two longer sets of 1.5 hours each, with a 30 min break in between. We find that doing longer sets like this with just one break is perfect, as it doesn't break up the dancefloor too much - and the break is perfect time for a natural breather where people can grab a drink and hit the bathroom without missing their favourite song, and also makes the perfect time for a late night snack, and for things like the bouquet toss to happen.

For the die hard dancers, we will keep dance music rocking via ipod while we are on our break. If you're good at math, you may have noticed that two sets of 1.5 hours plus a 30 min break doesn't quite equal the 4 hour call time. The reason we made the call time (which just means the time the musicians need to be on site) is to accommodate for the fact that most events tend to run a tad behind schedule so this way, there is no need to worry about overtime or the sets getting cut short - we have a half hour buffer built in already.

Of course we are always as flexible if possible and can break the sets up however you like or as is needed to accommodate other things going on at the event.

Can I pick the songs you play?

In general we like to strike a balance between being a musical dictator and taking your desires into account.

On the one hand, we have been doing this for years and we know what works and what doesn't, and on the other this is your event and we want you to love every second of it. So what we do is ask you to come up with a list of songs you would play if you were DJing the party and from there we can get a pretty concise idea of your tastes and wants.

We'll mix that with our experience and come up with a well balanced set that will rock the party. We also tend to play it by ear at the party, see what people are loving and will adapt on the fly to keep the dance floor packed. In regards to wedding ceremonies - you can pick whatever songs you want for the processional, signing and recessional and we will learn/arrange them.

Will you learn something that isn't on your current songlist?

Heck yes we will.

You can pick anything under the sun to have as your first dance and we will learn it. If there are other songs that you want that aren't on the list, it doesn't hurt to add them to your request list because we are always adding new material and it's often driven by client requests.

So ask away and we'll certainly consider everything we're given. We require your special song choices by 1 month out from the event to ensure the band has time to learn them.

What size band should we get?

The SideOne full band is a 10 piece band and is always our first recommendation as it is the biggest show, fullest sound, and most fun.

With that said, we can absolutely deliver some major rocking with our 8 or 6 piece version of the band. Usually downsizing would be due to budget or space restriction at the event. In these cases we remove the background singers, and the guitar and bassist take on singing some of the background vocals, and we drop the trumpet and sax players, and the keyboard covers these parts.

We wouldn't offer these smaller versions if we didn't totally believe in them, so no matter what size you need to work with, we know you and your guests will be blown away regardless. We have even customized smaller groups for specific events before, 3, 4 and 5 pieces - however it definitely limits the repertoire we can present and the impact of the performance - but we're always open to discussion!

How much space do you need?

In a perfect world, we like to aim for a minimum of 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep.

More is always welcome so we can spread out a bit a really get our groove on, but we've been known to squeeze into less at times, so let us know what kind of space is available to you and we'll let you know if we can make it work.

Do you need a stage?

A stage is always welcome, but it's not required.

If your venue has a stage or staging available to you we are happy to rock on it, or if you want to rent it and have it brought in, but if not, we are just as happy on the floor. With a stage it's nice that the non-dancing onlookers can have a better view of the band. Without one, it's nice for us to be right on the same level as the party people. We're happy either way, as long as you're happy.

When do you set up/how long does it take?

It takes about 2.5-3 hours for us to load in, set up and soundcheck. We like to have a 3 hour window for this, and we want to be done well in advance of guest arrival at the venue.

Generally we like to come in at around noon, but of course event and access timing is different for every event. We'll work this out with you and the venue in advance. Note: Once the band is set up and sound checked, the gear cannot be moved.

What is production?

Production is the term for sound gear and lighting.

Our production package includes all the sound gear we need: main speakers, mixer, monitors, mics, cables, DIs, mic stands, and a sound technician.

Our sound tech sets up and takes down the gear, but also stays to mix the audio during the show to ensure a fantastic sounding performance. We also include basic lights for the stage/band in our production package.

What happens between sets?

We will keep the jams pumping when we take a break and when we finish, via ipod through our sound system.

We provide the ipod and playlist so you don't need to worry about a thing. This is also a good time for a light snack to be served or any remaining events like the bouquet and garter toss, just as a suggestion.

Can we use your microphone for our speeches? What about background music during dinner?

Yes, you bet you can!

There are two things we can do. One is that we can show someone (wedding coordinator, groomsman, whomever you are trusting on the day) how to turn on the mic, and how to fade up and down the background music. We are happy to do this and leave you/them to have at it.

OR we can have our sound technician stay through the dinner and speeches portion and he will manage everything, ensuring music is faded in and out during / after speeches, and that the mic is working/loud enough, etc. We will also provide an ipod with background music playlist with him. (The cost to bring the sound tech in through dinner/speeches is $150.00.)

In your videos there are lots of different singers - who will sing at my event?

SideOne prides itself of having the best of the best talent in town. We have quite a few musicians for each position in the band, which allows us to rock multiple parties on one night and thus improving our overall availability while always keeping some fully trained/practised musicians on call should an emergency or illness occur.

We can never guarantee which singers will be at your event as illness and things like tours (all our performers are full-time working musicians) can pop up, but if you have a favourite you can certainly let us know and we'll do our best to have that performer on for your event.

We really took our time hunting down and auditioning the members of the band to ensure that we maintain the highest calibre of talent across the board.

Basically, everyone rocks, so you'll have an amazing performance no matter what.

Do we need to provide dinner for the band?

This depends on your booking arrangement.

If you have only booked the dance band you do not need to provide anyone with dinner. If you have a sound tech on through dinner, or if you have live musicians performing earlier (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinnertime) then those musicians will need dinner provided. But for anyone starting after dinner you don't need to provide meals.

We are always grateful for some beverages in the green room, especially water.

Should we get a DJ in addition to the band?

Some clients do like to have a combination of band and DJ, but it's not totally necessary and usually is in the case that its a long event and the DJ takes over once the band is done for the night.

SideOne is totally capable of playing all the current top 40 hits (which surprises some) so don't worry about variety - we have you covered there. If you want to have a DJ as well, we can arrange that for you no problem.

What are your power requirements?

Your venue may have asked you how much juice the band needs. Back in the old days, bands used to suck a lot of power, but Side One uses digital mixing consoles and LED lighting to light our stage which draw very little power. We can get away with as little as 2 x 15 amp circuits at a minimum. In other words, 2 regular wall plugs are fine provided that they're on different circuits.